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177 m²


€ 1,390,000


Norra Tynningövägen 5, Tynningö, Sweden

VAXHOLM - Sweden

Norra Tynningövägen 5, Tynningö, Sweden

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Archipelago idyll with large lake plot and own jetty



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Archipelago idyll with large lake plot and own jetty

Nice villa located high up on a hilly plot surrounded by old pine trees and large stone slabs shaped by the inland ice thousand of years ago. The property has its own beach and a jetty where also larger boats can dock.

The location is very private and undisturbed and the property has great development potential. Thanks to its high elevation and the fact that the house has windows in all directions, there is an overall feeling of connection with nature and the surroundings. There are also three lovely wood burning stoves in the house; one in the downstairs study, one in the living room and one in the upstairs bedroom.

Preparations have also been made to install a wood stove in the bathroom on the upper floor. Adjacent to the house is a south-facing patio with a pool with a roof, an outdoor kitchen and a generous wooden deck.

The private beach with great views over the bay and the historical town of Vaxholm in the distance is great for relaxing, swimming and enjoying a nice barbecue with friends and family in the evenings. The house was built in the 1980s and has been rebuilt and extended by the current owner in two stages. The first in 2007 when an extension and an upper floor was added and the second in 2016 when the house was refurbished.

The official living area is 124 square meters, but the actual living space is estimated by the owners to be about 160 square meters due to the pitched roofs on the upper floor.

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+46 76-022 60 23

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